The company 5 Estrelas is a Brazilian industry of paper and flexible packaging – isomanta and bubble wrap. It is located to the south of Brazil in the city of Rio Negrinho – Santa Catarina. Its foundation was in 1987 when the director had the opportunity to open your own business.
It produces complete and customized solutions for clients to various segments of industries: textile, furniture, automotive, electronics, computers, footwear, civil construction, among others. Great brands prefer and trust our work because we are qualified to serve companies of all sizes in Brazil and Mercosur.
And the company Paper Plott offers a range of sprays for various purposes: temporary adhesives, cleaners and lubricants with high performance, unparalleled quality and high yield. Union of these important and decisive factors makes many companies in the textile segment use the sprays. In addition to the line of film transfers, authorized reseller in Brazil of the French company SEF Textile.

Each work we do is always involved in efficiency and agility:
From the first contact to the relationship.
From necessity to solution.
From request to result.
We always deliver the best.



We believe in people and in our work. Integrity, responsibility, and hard work are fundamental to our decisions and attitudes. Place where people feel inspired to give their best, always stimulating human development and care for the environment.


To be recognized as a reference in the business segments of activity: paper, packaging - isomanta and plastic bubble, spray and film transfers.



We are flexible, we get involved in all stages of the work and we serve our clients in a personalized way.

  • 1987

    Foundation of the company, when the owner saw the business opportunity, creating the 5 Estrelas Comercio e Representações, which had the purpose to represent and sell packagings around the region.

  • 1990

    Beginning of paper sales in the market.

  • 1992

    Beginning to search and supply paper for the textile industry.

  • 1996

    The company's name changed for 5 Estrelas Papéis e Embalagens Ltda.

  • 1997

    Starting of construction of the new headquarters of the company in new address.

  • 1999

    The company moves to the new headquarters.

  • 2000

    Foundation of Cinco Estrelas Divisão Flexível, aiming to attend the market necessity in bubble wrap. It was imported a machine to fulfill the production of the new product. Introduction of bubble wrap in apple boxes.

  • 2003

    Foundation of the Paper Plott Internacional do Brasil. Company that selling the line of sprays for the textile industry.

  • 2004

    Introduced in the company's product line the isolmanta - expanded polyethylene.

  • 2008

    Investments in new machinery in the line of bubble wrap and expanded polyethylene for the manufacture of plates and mounting shims for electronics as notebooks.

  • 2015

    Starting of partnership with the French Company called SEF Textile, which produces film transfers of cut-out and printing and cut-out for textile sector.

  • 2018

    The company 5 Estrelas develops its new brand. The star alludes to the role movement involving something, strengthening the link between the brand and the company's segment.

  • 2019

    Investments in new machinery, more technological.

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