• blue t-shirt with a feita print through a gold metallic transfer
  • white t-shirt with pink print made by applying cutout vinyl for plotter
  • blue T-shirt with smooth transfer film application in just 4 seconds
  • white t-shirt with blue and red print application made with cut film specifically for nylon fabrics and other synthetic fabrics.
  • a light blue T-shirt with a panda bear face print made with cut film with a velvety touch in white
  • black t-shirt, with cat print developed through transfer film in polyurethane for printing and cutout in orange and black, has elasticity and resistance to dents.
  • red t-shirt with print made using transfer printing and cutting film, applicable with eco-solvent and solvent ink.
  • transfer printing film with a velvety touch applied as a print on a yellow T-shirt.
  • Tweezer to epilate the transfer film cutout
  • demonstration of the transfer film siflex with 3D rubberized effect after being cut in the plotter
  • sample of the red siflex (3D) cut film, cut and shaved, ready to be applied to the clothes.
  • sample demonstration of the 3D siflex transfer and transfer film being applied to a T-shirt.
  • table showing all available transfer films, both for cutting and for printing and cutting.
  • holographic transfers film for cutting plotter applied as print on a red T-shirt
  • transfer film and cutout with colored print applied on a white T-shirt
  • transfer film with a zebra-style print applied to a red T-shirt.
  • a gray T-shirt with application of colored transfer film in the shape of a fairy
  • transfer and cut film for textile application in bright orange color, applied to a blue t-shirt for product demonstration.
  • transfer and cut film for textile application in bright orange color, applied to a blue t-shirt for product demonstration.
  • transfer film in rubberized textured relief after pressure and high temperature of the machine.
  • filme transfer em 3D para plotter de corte na cor vermelha
  • transfer film and reflective cutout, in white and silver color applied to a blue colored shirt.
  • a shirt half blue bic and half dark blue with yellow reflective print made with film for cutting in plotter
  • red t-shirt with print application made with cut-out film for reflective plotter, half in black, half in silver, has a slight shine that you can see with the intensity of the light.
  • a yellow T-shirt with a glossy black print applied with a glitter effect transfer film
  • one blue t-shirt, one white t-shirt and one purple t-shirt demonstrating the application of a pattern with plotter-cutting film in silver
  • red t-shirt with print application made with blue cut-out film, with a touch of velvet.
  • a black T-shirt with a motorcycle printed through a 100% PU print transfer film.
  • a white T-shirt with application in the print transfer film print, film to work quickly and safely.
  • smooth transfer film for cutting machine in navy blue color
  • Roll of metallic heat transfer film in silver color for cutting machine.
  • transfer film for metalized cutting plotter in golden color
  • roll of smooth transfer film for cutting machine in neon green color
  • Roll of black smooth transfer film for cutting machine
  • heat transfer flock film in red for cutting plotter
  • vinyl roll for cutting machine in white color

FLEX and FLOCK Transfer Films

Transfer films for cutting and printing and cutting.


For cutting:


Flexcut X4

Flexcut Atomic



Flexcut SBB Máxima

Flexcut Nylon

Flexcut Gitd / Nightclub

Flexcut Sweet

Flexcut Sweet Puff


Velcut Evo / Premium

Velcut Touch


Fantasy Flex

Blazecut (holográfico)

Siflex (3D)


For printing and cutting:


Tatoo SBB Maxima

Tatoo Nylon

Graffiti Classic


Clearflex Matte




Conveyor films: flextape and flocktape.






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