• expanded polyethylene coils in various thicknesses.
  • Insulation tubes to protect glass and sensitive corners.
  • White insulation profile for glass and corner protection.

Insulated Covers (expanded polyethylene)

Provided rolls with diferente thickness, blades cut or perforated, aluminum, plates, profile and tubes and diferente bags with diferente sizes and necessities.




Rolls: can be used as pack protection.

Profile and tubes: can be uses as glass protection, corns and cooling pipes protection.

Plates until 100 mm can be used as chocks protection.

Blades cut or perforated can be used for fruit protection.

Personalized bags can be used for any necessity.

Aluminum blades can be used for thermal and acoustic isolation in homes, factories, industries, etc. It can also avoid water infiltration and it can provide better luminosity.


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