Do you know? Abit projects growing of 2,3% for textile industry in 2020

Do you know? Abit projects growing of 2,3% for textile industry in 2020

The Brazilian Association of textile and confection industry (ABIT) reported expectations for the sector in 2020. According with the Association, it is expected a grow of 3% in sales. Only in January the activity of brazilian industry began super heated, more than the same month from the past four years.

For exports, the expected grown is 2,5% and for imports it is 4,1% in 2020, in front of 2% in 2019. It is also estimated that around 6.000 new Jobs may arise, according with a research held by Industry Portal with small, medium and large companies, the expectations aim a grown in demand, exports, purchases of raw materials and number of employees in the next six months.

As reported by the presidente of ABIT, Fernando Pimentel, the clothing industry area will change in the name of the Technologies that are currently being applied in the sector, which is considered as an ally to the positive projection in 2020. Bearing in mind that, technology today is considered a key tools alongside industries and the corporate world.

Further, Pimentel afirms that in the textile área, despite of the cotton culturebe the larger transformed raw-material in Brazil, when mixed artificial and synthetic fibers, they already overcome natual fibers. Some current examples, that were created due to a technological  application are sustainable jeans and bio manufactured leather, which, due to a join of biology and technology, recreate a fabric throught colagen and develop essential elements as cells and natural protein. So, producing leather and modifying for diferente purposes and bases of quality.

Therefore, in front of these facts it is noticeble that changins in the textile and confection area are happening due to technological advances and from industry4.0. Companies should search for inovation, new Technologies to offer quality products, create value and Market strategies.